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The ROCAT is a new kind of rowing shell which is, very unusually, fast and stable and easy to transport.

Clearly, a wide-beamed rowing catamaran is going to be extremely stable, but what is less obvious and is more difficult to convey, is the satisfaction you get from the knowledge that you are rowing on an absolutely stable platform. As you gain confidence in the boat's abilities, you get increasing enjoyment from the feeling of safety that this stability provides. (To get an idea of how stable the ROCAT is, have a look at the 'rough sea trials' video clip here.)

The catamaran configuration also has advantages when it comes to speed and efficiency. To be stable, a seaworthy boat is normally broad in the beam, and heavy to row. The ROCAT's two slender, very low-drag hulls are easily driven, which means that more of your energy is converted into motion.

The ROCAT is suitable for all kinds of recreational rowing, or racing, or just getting and keeping fit. It is equally at home providing some serious full-body aerobic exercise, or pottering up the creek, or riding a rough sea.

With the ROCAT, you can feel in the mood for a row, pop the boat on your car, and just go – conditions are no longer so important. The boat will work fine on still water, but it was designed for open-water, or coastal rowing and is most fun on a big sea.

Being quick and easy to dismantle, the 5 metre ROCAT can be transported with ease on a car, and stored in a garage.

The ROCAT also has an efficient, novel rowing mechanism which takes the sliding rigger concept one step further – and its high-backed fixed seat provides proper support for your back, which greatly reduces the risk of back injury.

The all-up weight is around 33kg but the hulls, which are the heaviest components, weigh just 9kg each – in order to be this light, and also be strong enough to be safe on a rough sea, the boat pushes advanced composite technology in its construction.

All of the pictures of the ROCAT with dark blue hulls, by the way, are of the proto 2; the red hulls are proto 3, and the bright blue hulls are the full production prototype, proto 4.