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Overall length:
Seatdeck length:
Overall beam:
Seatdeck beam:
Oar length:
Overall weight::
Hull weight each:
Design waterline load:
Rated maximum load:
5m (16ft 5ins)
1.8m (5ft 10ins)
1.7m (5ft 7ins)
0.5m (1ft 8ins)
2.9m (9ft 6ins)
c30kg  (c66lbs)
8.9kg (19lbs)
80kg (176lbs)
120kg (264lbs)
The hulls are made, in one piece, of glass fibre; the crossbeams are of carbon fibre tubular braid, with a cast foam core; the seatdeck is glass fibre; and all the rigger components are carbon fibre