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Can I buy a ROCAT?

Not at the moment.

How, and where, can you launch a ROCAT?

The most common launch sites will probably be harbour slipways – in which case, you can normally drive quite close to the water. Having arrived at the slip, it will take less than 5 minutes to assemble the boat, and be ready to row. Then you just slide it into the water and climb aboard. A dock, or pontoon, will be just as easy, and we are working on some detachable wheels to enable an assembled boat to be wheeled across sand for beach launching.

Is it difficult to learn how to use the new ROCAT rigger – it looks complicated?

Not at all. It is different from a conventional sliding seat arrangement, but very intuitive – existing rowers have adapted quickly, and novice rowers have also found it easy.

How does it handle in a big sea?

Amazingly well! It is obvious from the catamaran configuration that it is going to be extremely stable, but it's not so obvious that the very low-drag hulls allow you to make good progress in any direction, irrespective of sea state. Check out the 'rough sea trials' video clip in the galleries download page.

Do you get very wet?

On the contrary – with the first prototype in very rough seas, it was surprising how seldom water came into the seatdeck. Two 6mm drainholes provided ample drainage. proto 3 has not yet been used in rough conditions, but its extra buoyancy should make it even drier.

Don't those two long, thin hulls make it difficult to steer?

Actually no. To achieve minimum drag, the hulls have quite a lot of 'rocker' – they are deepest in the middle – and, if anything, the bare boat has insufficient directional stability; it also has a tendency to 'round up' into a strong wind. The production boat has small skegs which have cured both these problems.

What colour can I have my ROCAT?

Each ROCAT is made to order and we can paint your boat pretty well any colour you want! The hulls and the crossbeams will always be the same colour (flat or metallic), with the seatdeck a different colour. ROCATs can be any colour but drab!