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composites materials and suppliers

The high performance epoxy resin we use throughout, which is formulated for resin infusion, is Sicomin SR 1710. We get the resin from Sicomin UK, aka Matrix Composite Materials in Bristol. We buy a number of things from them and find them both knowledgable and very helpful. They have a freephone number 0800 0744 788

I know that SP Systems have some good resins; I should really get some to compare ...

We use four different kinds of reinforcement.

For the hulls we use a beautiful, light, drapable, 290 gsm biaxial cloth made by Saertex. It's quite expensive, but it has a high strength to weight ratio and is cost-effective. We bought the last roll from Matrix, but Cristex Ltd, in Nelson, Lancs, are the UK distributors – their number is 01282 698220.

For the seatdeck we use a glass random mat with an integral infusion medium. We have tried both Rovicore made by Chomarat, and Saercore made by Saertex (above). Rovicore is supposedly distributed in the UK by Scott Bader, but you wouldn't know from their website. We got ours from Composites Integration (of whom, more later). Saercore is very similar to Rovicore, and they are both excellent products.

For the crossbeams, all the rigger components and the oars, we are using carbon fibre braid supplied by Eurocarbon. This tubular material is so easy to use, the time it saves makes up for the extra cost – and it performs extremely well too.

"Composites Integration is based in Saltash near Plymouth, UK and provides technical services and equipment to the Resin Transfer Moulding and Vacuum RTM Moulding industry." These guys really know their stuff and are incredibly helpful.

We use Dreher oars – there are surprisingly few oar manufacturers, but these are the best as far as we are concerned.