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general rowing sites

The rowing service; Rachel Quarrell's site contains rowing news and hundreds of useful rowing links. The New Rowing Information page has hot up-to-date links to rowing news stories around the world.

David Biddulph's Rowing Pages have a lot of interesting rowing information.

Row2k contains rowing news and links.

RowersWorld is a fund of useful rowing information.

Rowing News is a very good rowing magazine.

open water rowing

For extreme open-water rowing visit the Ocean Rowing Society.

The Sound Rowers Open Water Rowing and Paddling Club
in Puget Sound, Washington State, would appear to be about the most active open-water rowers around, in spite of having no clubhouse or formal center.

The Open Water Rowing Center in Sausalito, California, is a well established, and active, center for open water rowing in San Francisco Bay.

CARA is the UK's 'Coast Amateur Rowing Association', but it only covers the south east.