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28 June 2004

Kevin and Roger down from Rojac Tooling Technologies to make some adjustments to the new hull mould in the light of the first hull pulled.

25 June 2004

Demoulded first hull from new mould – very pleased with result. The bag worked and did fill right to the ends. Resin didn't quite fill to the back end – we just need to flush more resin through once it begins to come out. The part feels good and the finish very nearly right.

demoulding first hull from the new mould inspecting first hull from the new mould first hull from the new mould beside the mould

24 June 2004

Infused first hull from new mould. Infusion process went very smoothly.

17 June 2004

Replacement hull moulds arrived from Rojac Tooling Technologies in Wednesbury. First impressions very good.

this guy had never rowed 15 minutes before this picture was taken